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Maddy Lawrence

Entrepreneur And Founder


I live in Bristol in the UK.  A fun and vibrant city in the West Country.

I love voluntary work and find it really fulfilling helping others, but of course it is unpaid so I wanted to find a way where I could continue to help others and get well paid while doing it. As a result, I came across a reputable company that offers education, support and community so that people can learn the skills they need to market online.

I now believe in this company so much that I am promoting it. You have the tools to create an income, and if you don’t yet have any experience you can also utilise this business system – which is what I’m doing.  This system helps people create time, geographic and financial freedom for themselves, and it’s really fulfilling for me to promote this with the support of its wonderful community.

I’ve seen friends within this community completely change their lives, having geographic freedom where they can choose where to work, and financial freedom – so they have more options.   There are many stories to tell.  Lee went from working 70+ hours a week with staff issues and rising stress levels to having time freedom so that he can choose when he works and spend more time with his wife and baby boy.  I’ve seen amazing things like this happen and it is really exciting to see people’s lives change in this way and then watch as they help others do the same.  I believe that the values and integrity of this company are what makes for such a strong and supportive community and the results that I have seen leveraged from this system are great evidence of that.

One of the best things that has happened to me in the last year is being told by my sister that she has seen a big change within me, noticing that my confidence has grown, my outlook is positive and that I believe in myself.  Because of this system my beliefs have been transformed and now I have a much bigger vision that includes the freedom to be able to work where and when I choose while earning a good income and giving back at the same time.


I am building a business that I am able to run from a computer from anywhere in the world. Creating financial security so that I do not have to worry about a pension and generating enough income so that I can do more of the things that I love and spend more time with the people I love. Freedom is hugely important to me - I am creating a business that gives me geographical freedom, gives me the time to pursue my passions and allows me to work on my terms. I believe that I have been handed this incredible opportunity so that I may help others achieve the same.



To help ourselves and as many other human beings as possible, live the life we choose to live off our own will. We are already born to this wonderful universe so let's make it a ride to remember.


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